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OCEANLINE team up with Azure Ultra to offer the ultimate yacht charter experience in Malta

Here’s the Azure Ultra Guide to Yachting.

A yacht charter Malta in full Mediterranean splendour is an experience you will always cherish. At Azure Ultra, we always seek to ensure that guests spend a memorable time aboard our luxury Sunseekers for the duration of their charter. To make your yacht stay a wholly comfortable and pleasurable one, here are a few essential guidelines providing tips on how to make the most of your luxury charter vacation from start to finish.

Preparing for your Charter

Holiday Packing

You’re a few days away from boarding the Sunseeker of your dreams to be whisked off around the hidden gems of the Maltese Islands and beyond. We advise you to pack your essentials – including those all-important sunglasses, hat, swimwear, beach towel and sun cream – in a soft bag which can be folded and stowed away easily in the limited storage space available on board. Yachting is a way more casual affair than you might expect – so all you’ll need to don throughout your charter vacation is light, comfortable clothing for your ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.

Tailored Experiences

Communicate any special requirements or requests – whether dietary or itinerary-related, or if you simply fancy a bottle of your favourite champagne or a privately catered dinner on board – around the time of booking. Your dedicated charter specialist will make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf prior to your arrival.

On Arrival

Shoes Ashore

Not only do we aim to keep your luxury yacht accommodation in pristine condition throughout your time at sea. We will also make sure you always find a spotless, gleaming Sunseeker awaiting your return from shore-based activities and excursions. For this reason, it is customary for boaters to remove their footwear before boarding. Street shoes may stain and tarnish the appearance of the yacht flooring and carpeting, so embrace the barefoot vacation spirit when on board. Should this make you feel uncomfortable, consider wearing socks or bringing along clean, soft-soled slippers for sole use on the yacht.

Punctuality is of the Essence

To make the most of your Malta yacht charter, aim to arrive at the marina a few minutes prior to your boarding time. Your captain and steward/ess will personally greet you at the pontoon and welcome you aboard. Prior to your departure, you will be provided with a complete briefing on safety procedures at sea. Make sure to pay close attention to these instructions, which have been put in place for your own ultimate comfort and safety.

Aboard and Underway

Our crewed charters are equipped with professionals who will accompany you on your sea travels, prioritising your health, safety and well-being at all times.

Awareness at Sea

We recommend that you remain aware of your surroundings while on board the yacht. Everything is constantly moving on the water, so it is important that you pay attention to ropes, narrow ways and wet surfaces as you make your way around the boat. Be on the lookout for other boats when going for a dip in the sea. Safety is first, which is why bow riding is strictly prohibited while the yacht is cruising.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry

On board, life’s gastronomic pleasures are to be sampled in moderation. Light meals and a low alcohol intake will prevent any discomfort during your time at sea. It is always advisable to keep active and occupied, as well as to take all the necessary precautions, if you’re particularly prone to sea sickness. All you’ll need to do once aboard is simply relax, and the worry-free fun times will follow.

The Quiet Life

A yacht charter is the perfect time for you to switch off as you take in the peaceful surroundings and let yourself be lulled by the sea’s calming effect. Yachting enthusiasts and passionate boaters alike love to savour the quiet atmosphere while the boat is underway. Excessive noise is seen to disturb this wonderful balance, so be aware and respectful of fellow boaters, your guests and crew as you slow down to the tranquil pace of your charter experience. While children are certainly welcome aboard our charters, it is important that parents supervise their behaviour throughout their time on board.

A Yacht to Call Home

Your luxury Sunseeker of choice is to be enjoyed as your home from home. As an esteemed guest, you play a privileged role in maintaining the yacht in its immaculate state, which will enable you to charter it time and again. Treat the yacht as your own by observing designated smoking areas and exercising caution when consuming food, beverages or applying sun care products.

The Open Sea

The Azure Ultra experience is all about making you feel at ease on your private luxury Sunseeker vacation. Delivering unsurpassed five-star service, your personal crew will take care of all the finer details, exceeding your yachting holiday expectations. Your flexibility and cooperation will be greatly appreciated in the event of a change in itinerary by your captain. Boating is always weather-dependent, and such decisions will always be based on the crew’s responsibility of guaranteeing your absolute safety while on board.

Back in the Marina

Marina Manners
You’re berthed in a picturesque Sicilian marina on an overnight stopover or making your way back towards the historical Grand Harbour Marina. Regardless of the location or destination you’re headed towards, a certain level of privacy in a marina is always key to the enjoyment of the yachting lifestyle. With the common knowledge that music and lively conversation carry easily over the water, neighbouring boats will be expected to exercise courtesy and consideration by keeping noise to a minimum, especially in the early hours.

A Grateful Gratuity

Towards the end of your charter holiday, you might wish to express your gratitude for the crew’s dedication in making your time on board a truly memorable one. While tipping is purely voluntary, in the Mediterranean it is normally recommended to give around 5 to 10% of the total amount of your charter. This is entirely at your discretion and can be scaled up or down depending on your satisfaction with the service. The tip, which is given at the end of your charter before your departure, is normally assigned to the captain who will take care of allocating it evenly among the crew.

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