Representing No Brands, Just You!

OceanLine is a bespoke brokerage company committed to selling quality pre-owned boats for owners looking for a professional Yacht Brokerage organisation; that dedicates time, energy and strategic marketing investment in order to achieve yacht sales across the globe. Our commitment to selling pre-owned is what sets us apart from other companies. Other firms tend to represent a certain brand, and with that comes a huge stock commitment. This can often result in a client’s used boat being surplus to requirements. At OceanLine from sunrise to sunset we focus solely on selling used boats. We tend to opt for a personal and direct approach, which then in turn produces quick results and long lasting relationships for the future.


Presentation Is Key

One of the most important aspects of advertising is presentation. An OceanLine Broker believes in just that; a personal site visit to your boat in order to prepare a detailed specification of your vessel. In the specification we will highlight all the added extras and key features, which will enable us to not only maximise your boats exposure, but too have a personal understanding of the vessel. Our brokers equipped with this knowledge will be able to provide a buyer with all the detailed information they require before making a purchase. This is just another approach that OceanLine take to provide the best possible service to used boat owners.

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Where We Advertise

www.oceanlinemalta.com – Is a state of the art website, it receives a high level of unique user visits and enquires. The website offers, consumers a multi-platform website and user friendly experience. Your boat shall instantly go live with a detailed specification, professional pictures and optimised content. The content is full of key words which are designed to drive traffic through Search Engine Optimisation, which subsequently drives traffic to your listing. Further traffic is driven towards www.oceanlinemalta.com through Google Ad Words, Social media activity, Blog writing and frequent Email newsletters. The outcome is an active and results driven website.

When listing with OceanLine your pre-owned boat will go live across all major yacht advertising portals. Yacht World and The Yacht Market are the largest advertising domains. They solely promote used boats worldwide, and OceanLine have a platinum membership on both portals. We not only list all inventory with these major providers, we also have access to Featured and Super Featured adds (these are adverts primarily placed on the home page and they receive thousands of views daily) We pre-book these adds throughout the year to promote your boat even further and too maximise the number of visitors to your boat.



A Professional Sales Team

We strive to present the perfect listing and the best advertising, resulting in serious enquires but we know this is only half the job. Here at Oceanline we guarantee you a professional Yacht broker with not only vast product knowledge but the ability to convert an interested client into buying your boat. We understand that product knowledge is key, but here our sales team are trained to the highest standard. They attend some of the best sales training course available across Europe, as well as regular internal sales meetings and seminars. At OceanLine we make sure we set highest standard when presenting to a potential boat buyer.

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