Catamaran 57 Charter

Cruising grounds: Maltese Islands
€1,020 Per Day

    Catamaran 57 Charter


    Skipper & Crew





Catamaran 57 for charter

New to charter here in Malta for the 2020 season we have this very spacious Catamaran 55 feet, which can carry a maximum of up to 40 guests, although ideally, 25 guests would be better for space.

Spacious seating areas

The outside dining area is simply fabulous with double bench-style seating, allowing you to sit comfortably at the tables to enjoy a nice lunch on-board. Inside the Catamaran 57 there is also an additional dining area. The Crew can take care of all your kitchen needs, with mouth-watering menus and bar options. (see the menu tab) With no need to leave the Catamaran you can ensure your charter is going to be a memorable day out.

what can we do on-board?

One of the favorite things to do is relax in the trampolines at the bow of the Catamaran 57, you are just able sea level. You may prefer to be a bit more adventurous, then look no further. There is a wide optional range to enjoy the water sports available on board, from snorkeling to jet ski. There is also a crazy sofa or a banana ride. The world is simply your oyster, it’s your day and your choices.

Where can we go?

The best spots to enjoy a relaxing time or to have fun with the watersports is Armier or the Crystal lagoon around Comino. Once you drop anchor, you are in a picture of paradise. Malta is very well known for the abundance of marine life, making Malta one of the best dive countries to visit in the world. Dolphins are frequent visitors to our Islands, there is nothing better than natural marine life at it’s best. Sit back and relax and enjoy your surroundings.

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N/A Day charters

Optional – see our rates tab

Banana Rides

Crazy sofa

Jet skis



Seating comfortably at tables 26 persons

x 2 Electric WC


Day charter  (*May to September) or (**October to April)

*10 am to 6 pm     or    **10 am to 5 pm

up to 20 persons €1020

Additional price per person after 20 persons = €42.50 (maximum 40 persons – ideally 25 is better)


Crew & fuel to Comino areas and back



Banana ride*Crazy sofa*Jet skis (2 seaters with an instructor, without an instructor on request)

Minimum of one hour per each activity

€225 per hour

Open bar

Fixed Price per person:

  • €20.00 stocked with wine, beer, soft drinks, fruit juices and water; or
  • €30.00 stocked with spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks, fruit juices and water( Minimum charge of €250.00) All kinds of beverages are to be provided by The Yacht.Client cannot bring beverage on board.  On request:   Rental of Snorkeling equipment – Mask and snorkel
    Price: €4.00 per pair per person
    Price:  €4.00 per pair per person
    Missing or damaged snorkeling equipment €20.00 (incl.vat only) per missing piece

Kitchen menus

Cold Buffet menu 1 EUR 20.70 per person (minimums 15 persons)

Mixed Green Salad

Sweet carrot salad

Tomatoes with basil ad olive oil

Artichokes, black olives and feta

Cheese and Grape mini skewers

Pasta salad with red pesto, celery, sweetcorn and red capsicum

Asian spiced rice

Glazed Gammon

Olive Tapenade

Cold Tandoori Chicken

Sauces and Vinaigrettes

Bread basket and butter


Dark chocolate mousse


Cold Buffet Menu 2 EUR 23.95 per person (minimum 20 persons)

Rucola salad with pancetta croutons, Grana Padano and a sweet vinaigrette Caprese salad
Pickled cucumbers
White beans with garlic and parsley
Rice with grilled vegetables and feta
Pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and black olives Potato salad with grated apple, onions and mayo
Cold cuts platter
(Arrosto ham, salami, chicken roulade)
Glazed roast gammon

Sauces and vinaigrettes Bread basket and butter ~
Assorted mini desserts ~~~

Cold Buffet Menu 3 EUR 27.50 per person (minimum 20 persons)

Mixed green salad
Tomato, olive and caper salad
Sweet carrot salad
Chili courgette salad
Three bean salad
Moroccan couscous
Pasta salad with pesto, olives, tomatoes and feta
New potato salad with rucola and a honey mustard vinaigrette Cold cuts platter
Grilled lemon chicken
Poached salmon
Sauces and vinaigrettes
Bread basket and butter
Assorted mini desserts

Cold Finger Food Menu 1 EUR 19.90 per person (minimum 20 persons)

Requires 1 kitchen staff on board – EUR 90.00

Bean and rosemary crostini
Pastry cups with smoked salmon and dill cream cheese Guacamole and tomato salsa in cups
Mini sandwiches with pesto, tomato and mozzarella Ciabatta slices with Arrosto ham and wholegrain mustard Spiced chicken and pineapple carpaccio
Cherry tomato and olive tartlets
Rabbit meat pate on toast
Mexican chicken tortilla cups
Spicy sausage with onion jam
Roast beef with Asian vegetables
Mini lemon cheescake
Dark chocolate mousse

Traditional Maltese Ftira EUR 9.50 per person

(minimum 10 persons)

Traditional Maltese Tuna Ftira (Ham and Cheese Ftira on Request) ~
Fresh Fruit cuts

EUR 10.15 per person Minimum Order from each Platter : 6 persons

Maltese Platter
(Maltese sausage, gbejniet, bigilla, white beans, marinated olives, sundried tomato butter, served with bread and crackers)

Italian Platter
(Grana Padano, Italian salami, tuna dip, mozzarella balls with basil vinaigrette, marinated olives, sundried tomato butter, served with bread and crackers)

Tapas Platter
Chorizo, Spanish tortilla, marinated mushrooms, olive tapenade, olives, sundried tomato butter, served with bread and crackers)

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Lagoon 1 €24.80 per person Minimum Order: 6 persons

Spiced Chicken Fillet Poached Salmon Pasta salad Couscous Tomatoes Mixed Bean salad Grilled vegetable Artichokes with Feta Garden Salad Assorted sauces Bread

Lagoon 2 €24.80 per person Minimum Order: 6 persons

Cumberland sausage bits Beef roast
Potato Salade
Pasta Salade
Leaf salade
Pickeld Cucumbers Two bean and bacon salade Tomatoes
Carrot salade Assorted Sauces Bread

Prices exclude vat

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