Sailing Charters Malta

Cruising grounds: Maltese Islands
€1,200 Per Day

    Sailing Charters Malta


    Skipper + crew









Sailing Charters Malta with OCEANLINE

Sailing Charters Malta – The Lagoon 570 catamaran is a very popular charter boat of ours. Lagoon catamaran yachts offer huge deck space both on the exterior and interior, with plenty of space to sunbath and relax on the bow and side decks, as well as cockpit seating and dining area.

Departing from Sliema strand this Sailing charters Malta Catamaran can take up to 22 people on a day trip. Great for groups especially when a large number of guests would not be able to cruise on a motor yacht.  The huge deck space allows for groups of people to relax and enjoy multiple areas of the boat with plenty of space for all to move around.

With Sailing charters Malta, onboard this Catamaran we can tailor make to suit your needs. You may choose to visit the South of Malta to St Peter’s pool for example or head North to visit Gozo and San Blass. Your skipper remains flexible to your requirements, weather dependant.

We offer an excellent catering service on board this charter yacht. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many menus we offer on this Catamaran 570.  Please see our Food & Beverage tab for further information on what’s available and choose your menu choice. Sailing charters Malta, ensures you have the best day out. Wine and dine at sea, after all it’s your private charter.

Due to high demand, booking as much in advance as possible in order to reserve your day out at sea is recommended.


Contact OCEANLINE to book your unforgettable experience.

What’s next:






Rental of Snorkeling equipment

Mask and snorkel
Price: EUR 4.00 per pair per person
Price: EUR 4.00 per pair per person
Missing or damaged snorkeling equipment EUR 20.00 (incl.vat only) per missing piece


Minimum of one hour per each activity Price: EUR 225.00 per hour
Armier or Crystal Lagoon

  • Banana Ride
  • Crazy Sofa
  • Jet Skis (2 seater with instructor) (without instructor on request);Cave TripEUR 10.00 per person (minimum charge of EUR 150.00)20 minutes ride each person
    Maximum persons per speedboat: 25 persons

Full Day cruise (May till September): 10.00 till 18.00 Full Day cruise (October till April): 10.00 till 17.00

Lagoon 570 Boat Price ( up to 22 persons): €1,200 +vat

Boat Prices Include:

  • Catamaran Rental
  • Fully licensed crew
  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • 2WC
  • Seating comfortably on tables:
Open bar

Fixed Price per person:

  • €22.00 stocked with wine, beer, soft drinks, fruit juices and water; or
  • €33.00 stocked with spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks, fruit juices and water( Minimum charge of €250.00) All kinds of beverages are to be provided by The Yacht.Client cannot bring beverage on board.


Absolut Vodka

Tanqueray Gin

Bacardi Spiced Rum

Bacardi White



Jack Daniels


Cold Buffet Menu (2) €26.00 per person (minimum 30 persons)

Rucola salad with pancetta croutons, Grana Padano and a sweet vinaigrette Caprese salad
Pickled cucumbers
White beans with garlic and parsley
Rice with grilled vegetables and feta
Pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and black olives Potato salad with grated apple, onions and mayo
Cold cuts platter
(Arrosto ham, salami, chicken roulade)
Glazed roast gammon

Sauces and vinaigrettes Bread basket and butter ~
Assorted mini desserts ~~~


Cold Buffet Menu (3) €30.00 per person (minimum 50 persons)

Requires a chef on board – Chef  €90.00

Mixed green salad
Tomato, olive and caper salad
Sweet carrot salad
Chili courgette salad
Three bean salad
Moroccan couscous
Pasta salad with pesto, olives, tomatoes and feta
New potato salad with rucola and a honey mustard vinaigrette Cold cuts platter
Grilled lemon chicken
Poached salmon
Sauces and vinaigrettes
Bread basket
Assorted mini desserts

Crystal Lagoon Menu

€46.00 per person (Minimum 30 pax)

Requires a chef on board – Chef  €90.00

Seafood Antipasto Platter
(Octopus Salad, Smoked Salmon on Toast, Chili Garlic Prawns, Marinated Mussels, Sardines)
Warm Poached Salmon
Accompanied with
Herbed Rice, Chili Courgette Salad, Red Pepper Salsa and New Potatoes
Summer Tiramisu

Special Buffet Menu €25.00 per person (minimum 20 persons)

Requires a chef on board – Chef  €90.00

Sweet carrot salad Traditional coleslaw
Pasta salad with red pesto and olives Potato salad
Rucola and cherry tomatoes
Pulled pork
BBQ Spare ribs
Chicken tagine
Bread Basket and butter
Dark Chocolate Mousse

Warm Buffet Menu €30.00 per person (minimum 20 pax)

Requires a chef on board – Chef  €90.00

Sweet Carrot Salad Traditional Coleslaw
Pasta Salad with Red Pesto and Olives Potato Salad
Rucola and Cherry Tomatoes
Pulled Pork
Chicken Tagine
Grilled Salmon
Bread Basket and butter
Dark Chocolate Mousse

BBQ Menu (1)  €29.00 per person (minimum 20 persons)

Requires a chef on board – Chef €90.00

Garlic bread
Mixed green salad
Sweet carrot salad
Three tomato salad with Balsamic vinegar Traditional potato salad
Pasta salad with sweet corn, tomatoes and kidney beans ~
Marinated pork fillet
BBQ glazed chicken fillet
Fresh fruit salad
Chocolate Gateaux

Homemade Beef Burgers Grilled on board
€15.00 per person (minimum 20 persons)

Requires a chef on board (from 40 persons onwards) – Chef  €90.00

Homemade Beef Burger in bun (vegeterian burgers on request) with Cheese, Tomatoes and Lettuce Sausage
Seasonal Fruit

Pulled Pork Menu

€16.00 per person (minimum 20 persons)

Requires a chef on board (from 40 persons onwards) – Chef €90.00

2 pulled pork sliders Potato salad Garden salad
~ Chocolate mousse


Tex Mex Menu

€30.00 per person (minimum 20 persons)

Requires a chef on board – Chef €90.00

Garlic bread Corn on the cob Tex Mex chicken wings ~
Beef spare ribs Paprika wedges Coleslaw
Dark chocolate tart ~~~

Cold Finger Food Menu 1
€20.00 per person (minimum 20 persons)
Requires 1 kitchen staff on board – €90.00

Bean and rosemary crostini
Pastry cups with smoked salmon and dill cream cheese Guacamole and tomato salsa in cups
Mini sandwiches with pesto, tomato and mozzarella Ciabatta slices with Arrosto ham and wholegrain mustard Spiced chicken and pineapple carpaccio
Cherry tomato and olive tartlets
Rabbit meat pate on toast
Mexican chicken tortilla cups
Spicy sausage with onion jam
Roast beef with Asian vegetables
Mini lemon cheescake
Dark chocolate mousse

 Prices exclude vat
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